Sacred Sites in India, 2012

A Journey to Sacred Sites in India

In India, you may pass a Hindu shrine in your hotel lobby, engage a Sikh to drive you to an ancient grove where the Buddha taught, listen to the Moslem Call to Prayer five times a day, watch traffic divide around a Holy Cow wandering in the street, see a parade of naked Sadhus, visit a Christian hospital or school, and a pass a revered Lama (in exile from Tibet), all in the same day. A multitude of religions have flourished here, and they have enriched the country with an astonishing variety of sites and architecture and practices that are respected as sacred.

We will visit some of the greatest of these sites in North India, both contemporary and ancient, witness an Arti worship ceremony (with fire) by the River Ganges at sunset, take a boat ride on the River at dawn, participate in gentle Yoga and meditation exercises, talk with a “Slum Dog Kid,” and explore the Agra of Shah Jahan--the Fort that he built (and that eventually became his prison) and the tombs of his ancestors that provided the wonderful models which culminating in the incomparable Taj Mahal.

Our journey will include

~Holy Cows

~The Himalayas and Mother Ganga

~Hindu Temples and Buddhist Stupas

~Crowded Bazaars and a Serene Ashram

        ~The Golden Temple of the Sikhs

~Slum Dog Street Kids

~Music and Dance

~The Taj Mahal

~And much more

   We will use Ramayana, one of the world’s great epics, to help frame the myriad of experiences that engage travelers in India. It is the multi-layered story of Rama, is known by all Indians. It is expressed in sculpture, dance, film, art, architecture, ritual and worship, and is a moral guide.

    To assist in preparation, detailed information about aspects of the trip and current issues in India will be provided by email on a regular basis.

NOTE: This journey will entail moderate walking. The ability to also manage your baggage would be desirable. Good health is important.

October 19 - November 11, 2012 [Note: dates are changed from the original plans for October 16 to November 8]

(If you wish to spend additional time in India either before or after this schedule, that can be arranged.)

Led by Robert Bonham


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